Blessed With Unexpected Fundraisers and Donors


Wow, what an exciting season for Beulah's Place!

As we look back on the first half, we were blessed with unexpected fundraisers and folks committed to helping us help the teens we serve.

Highlights included New Creations Life Center hosting a phenomenal Hollywood-style ladies tea in spring. Dutch Bros. Coffee of Central Oregon opened their newest Redmond store and donated $1.00/medium drink to Beulah's Place (cranking out over 3,550 beverages in one day!). Redmond Kiwanis held their annual vintners dinner and broke previous years' fundraisers for local non-profit organizations!

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1st Annual Ladies Night at the Juniper Golf Club


Please attend the 1st Annual Ladies Night, sponsored by HealthSource Chiropractic of Redmond, and benefitting Beulah’s Place.

Friday, MAY 20, from 6:30pm - 8:00pm Juniper Golf Club, 1938 SW Elkhorn Ave, Redmond.

Presentations include Dr. Eric Hayden on “It’s Your Future, Get There Healthy” and Dr. Sarah Hellmann, of St. Charles Center for Women’s Health, speaking on menopause.

There will be HRA (Health Risk Assessment) provided for all attendees, light meal, and beverages.

Cost is only $10 per person, with proceeds benefitting Beulah’s Place.

If you cannot attend, please make a donation to Beulah’s Place and treat yourself to a long walk for your health!

Phase 2 Housing for BP!


We are so excited and humbled and grateful to God for the partnership with a local property owner that came to pass this last week! One of the two houses owned is NOW designated as PHASE 2 Housing for BP graduates!! That means at least 5 gals can rent at a fixed rate for up to 12 months (or so) as they save to enter the competitive rental market, practice adult living skills (cooking, cleaning, property care,e tc.), earn renter's credit/history, and so much more!!

Since this is a partnership with BP, we will not disclose the location as these gals still need to have a safe transition place to live BUT it's perfect!! There is a community service project attached the house as well so it will be a blessing to the property owner and our young ladies.

Thanking God for filling our immediate need as He brings forth a facility for us on or before early Spring 2016!!

Blessings on your day today,
Ed & Andi smile emoticon

We (Beulah's Place) WON!!!


Greetings, Everyone!!!!

Yes, lots of exclamation points because we were greatly blessed this past Wednesday evening by CONNECT W, a non-profit organization in Bend, OR who chose BEULAH'S PLACE to be the beneficiary of their annual fundraising event for 2014!! Eight very worthy non-profits made the final cut and BP was selected. It was a truly emotional night as the ladies in this organization are fearless in their desire to help our community.

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New Book Released Today Benefits Beulah's Place


Greetings, Friends and Supporters!

A new book has been released from Morgan James Publishing in New York which benefits our organization.

The author is generously donating a HUGE (too high to print!) portion of all her online book proceeds to Beulah's Place! Morgan James Publishing has also contributed greatly to Beulah's Place as well.

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Ohio’s sex trade…Did you know?



On August 8, 2012, the office of the Ohio State Attorney General issued a report on sex trafficking in that state. The report, from the Ohio Human Trafficking Commission, reveals that most young teen victims who were lured into trafficking were likely to homeless teens who had run away from home to escape child abuse and neglect, exposure to the sex trade business at home … even rape. Over 67% of these young victims were sold before age 15; 12% were sold before age 12. That report was covered in an article by Jessica Shor, staff writer for the Toledo Blade, on August 9.

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The American Economy and America’s Homeless Children



Downward spiraling of the American economy is not solely responsible for the rise in teen homelessness in the U.S.; but is has had its effect. When families no longer have safe shelter to live in, when they have been forced to give up what they know as home due to the foreclosure debacle, when families cannot qualify to rent even the smallest apartment or motel room for safe shelter, children will take to the streets looking for alternatives or a way to get their basic needs met.

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