Greetings, Everyone!!!!

Yes, lots of exclamation points because we were greatly blessed this past Wednesday evening by CONNECT W, a non-profit organization in Bend, OR who chose BEULAH'S PLACE to be the beneficiary of their annual fundraising event for 2014!! Eight very worthy non-profits made the final cut and BP was selected. It was a truly emotional night as the ladies in this organization are fearless in their desire to help our community.

Last year, the 2013 beneficiary of Annual Winter Wonderland Gala was Oregon Adaptive Sports - outdoor recreational opportunities for participants with physical and cognitive disabilities. Donations allowed us to raise a whopping $10,303 in a single night! Seventeen corporate sponsors funded the 2013 Annual Gala, enabling us to gift 100 percent of proceeds.

The winter gala is usually in early December. We will be looking for spectacular donations (creative, functional, edible, intellectual, FUN, family-oriented, travel-oriented, couples' oriented, and more!) for the live and silent auction. No limitations or geographic constraints!

Stay tuned! We are so grateful for our two courageous teens who spoke with Andi. We are amazed and humbled by God's favor throughout the whole nomination process. We hope to use the dollars for housing for our older teens/young adults and/or a facility to house the minor aged teens.

Enjoy our moment because we couldn't do what we do without YOU!

Live joyously today,
Andi :-)