Greetings, Friends and Supporters!

A new book has been released from Morgan James Publishing in New York which benefits our organization.

The author is generously donating a HUGE (too high to print!) portion of all her online book proceeds to Beulah's Place! Morgan James Publishing has also contributed greatly to Beulah's Place as well.

Ms. Pat Benjamin is an amazing lady with true stories and experiences that will rock your world about our political structure in America and what we - the people - can and cannot do to change the future of our nation. Ms. Benjamin will be on the university circuit this year as well to educate college students on national issues. Whether you like history, politics, or simply want to support someone who supports saving kids from sexual exploitation through Beulah's Place, please order online at your favorite bookstore.

The logo for Beulah's Place is prominently displayed on the back cover as well as our contact information.

Deepest thanks in advance from all of us at Beulah's Place.