Ed and Andi Buerger, founders of Beulah’s Place inRedmond,Oregon, are using Independence Day to celebrate their vision of a place where homeless youth can gain freedom from the vicious act of human trafficking.

It is a little known fact that human trafficking in our nation ranks number two behind illegal drugs as a criminal enterprise. Beulah’s Place offers a place of refuge for young people who are at risk or who have already become victims in theCentral Oregon region. Once a teen ends up on the streets, for any reason, there is only 48 hours before he or she becomes part of the trafficking enterprise.

The Buergers’ dream is that Beulah’s Place will be the prototype of a nationwide safety net for children who are easy prey for traffickers, sexual predators and pedophiles.

Beulah’s Place feeds and shelters Central Oregon’s hungry, homeless teens on a daily basis to take them out of harm’s way. These at-risk youth find unconditional love, hope and safety. Beulah’s Place gives kids options that will help them live normal lives, spared from violence, disease and even death at the hands of dispassionate criminals.

As we celebrate Independence Day this July 4th, please help Beulah’s Place fight for the freedom of these children.