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    In the US, an alarming number of 12 to 17 year olds, both male and females, are targeted by human traffickers who deal in child prostitution, sexual slavery and pornography, and by sexual predators and pedophiles. In the U.S., this is a thriving $13 billion a year criminal industry. Help us thwart those who prey on vulnerable youth.

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  • Help. Healing. Hope.

    Beulah's Place was created as a place of refuge for homeless teens who are easy prey for sexual predators and those who exploit these youngsters for criminal gain. Our publicly funded non-profit organization offers help, healing and hope by providing food and shelter as well as educational and work skills counseling.

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  • Our program, Beulah's Place, gives homeless at risk teens the necessary tools and essential resources to restart their lives. But to do this we need your help and support. Founder Andi Buerger has a special message for site visitors, please take a moment to listen.

    A message from Andi Buerger.

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Housing Providing Shelter

We help find safe places to stay for teens who don't have a place to call their own.

Educating Teaching Life Skills

When someone has the time and the resources to learn, the sky is the limit.

Healing Changing Lives with Love

With love and compassion, we give those who may be lost the tools to find the right path again.

Building For The Future

We intend to create a permanent, clean and safe shelter for wayward youth.


Help Us to Help Others.

Beulah's Place depends on the charity and goodwill of it's donors to keep providing love and shelter to teens who are stuck living on the streets. You can help by making a fully tax deductable donation.

  • Your funds provide food and shelter.
    Monies donated go directly to help kids that can't afford to pay for shelter to keep them warm, or meals to keep them healthy.
  • Donations are fully tax deductable.
    You can write your donations off your taxes, which helps you out while you help others, and it's good to know that your hard earned dollars are actually being spent to help those who really need it.
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Ready to Listen

If you need help and you're in the Oregon area, please reach out to us. No matter how out of control your situation may seem, we want to help you find a solution. You can call us anytime, or you can reach us through the form on our contact page.



Or if you need help and you're outside Oregon in the United States, please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)





News and Articles From our Blog & Twitter


Hot August nights are coming to an end soon. Labor Day - a national holiday celebrating workers all over America - is fast approaching.

One of the things that make Beulah's Place extraordinary in getting the teens we rescue off the streets and into a stable schedule is, well, labor. Work. Jobs. Viable employment. When our teens start working regularly, it provides not only financial compensation, but valuable structure for their lives. Having something to get up for, show up for, and "do" during the day or night greatly aids the independence they eventually acquire.

We couldn't have the success we have without employment partners. Partners in business who will give our teens a face-to-face interview and not just make a decision off an electronic application. The application is necessary, but our teens don't have consistent residential history most of the time. Few even have a bank account or a driver's license. When someone is homeless, at any age, the things we may take for granted when we have a home or shelter and search out a new job are things that our kids can't put on an application.

This doesn't in any way mean our teens are unskilled. It's generally the opposite! Our teens learn quickly and have tremendous intelligence. Often, it's a matter of getting them to recognize their value and worth and channeling their intellect into a training field. Many choose college to broaden their scope of learning and future career options.

Whether the job be in fast food, big box stores, super markets, restaurants, or trade jobs, every day is a "labor day" for our kids! They work hard and usually excel in their place of employment fairly quickly. They are grateful for the opportunity to earn their way through life!

We appreciate those who have helped our teens earn jobs over the years:
Redmond Super Walmart , Dutch Bros. Central Oregon , Les Schwab Tire Center (Bend, Redmond), McDonald's Redmond/Madras/Prineville/Burns (owned by Paul & Kathy Rodby), Albertson's (Bend), as well as other new business partners coming on long side of us.

For every one who works, we hope you will have a great weekend of rest this Labor Day. For those who must work the holiday, hope you will be safe and find another way to take your due day of rest.

Happy end of summer!
Ed & Andi